Natrium Soda Blasting Media

Owning a Buster Blaster system is only part of the success equation. The results you obtain will vary with the type of soda blasting media you choose to use.

Not all baking soda makes good soda blasting media. At The Soda Works our goal is to provide you with the best soda blasting systems in the world. To reach this goal we have analyzed every aspect of the soda blasting process. Our system delivers the driest air possible to our patented venturi metering system. We have analyzed and perfected every aspect of our system down to the very baking soda that is being used in the process.

Why? It all has to do with particle size and in soda blasting, size matters. The size we are referring to is the size of the sodium bicarbonate crystal that makes up the media. The Natrium 260 Soda Blasting Media is manufactured in a process that results in a consistent crystal size.

Over 90% of the Natrium Media will not fit through a U.S. Standard #70 screen. This is a good thing. Larger particles equal less dust and more work. We have found the Natrium 260 to be the ideal size for soda blasting. Smaller crystals than the Natrium 260 don't get as much work done and larger crystals put excessive wear and tear on the equipment without resulting in significant gains in efficiency.


Natrium Up Close

Natrium 260 Soda Blasting Media is pure Sodium Bicarbonate. There are no "flow additives" or other adulterants.

Natrium vs the Other Products

Rather than be thorough and design a proper soda blasting system, other manufacturers "blame the soda" and add junk into the soda which diminishes the purity of the process. Sodium bicarbonate is completely water-soluble. You can rinse every trace of it away with a hose. "Flow additives," typically calcium carbonate, are not water soluble. To remove them from your work site requires more time and effort on your part. What's more, the "flow additives" do not do any of the work of blasting; they simply make more dust and more mess for you to clean up afterward.

Natrium 260 Soda Blasting Media is the very best soda blasting media available. It is pure sodium bicarbonate so you have no additional environmental hoops to jump through. The manufacturing process gives a consistent, predictable product. With every shipment of Natrium 260 Soda Blasting Media we receive, there is an analysis report on that specific batch. We are happy to furnish this information to anyone.

We are also happy to send a free sample of Natrium to anyone. Just contact us to give us your shipping information, and we will get some into the mail to you right away. We can ship any amount from a single 50 lb. bag to multiple pallets. When you use Natrium 260 Soda Blasting Media with a Buster Blaster Soda Blasting system you will be among the most productive and profitable soda blasters in the country!

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