About Joe Alexander

The founder of The Soda Works, Joe Alexander started working in the automotive industry in 1961 at a time when a handshake and your word meant something. After several years as the owner of an auto body repair shop, he purchased a soda "blaster" to expedite the paint removal process. It didn't take long for him to realize the concept was great, but the 1939 technology was lacking in performance and efficiency. After more than four years of development, Joe patented and immediately started manufacturing and selling his “Buster Blaster”, the only industrial soda blaster manufactured anywhere.

In 2017 Joe passed away. While his family and business associates were shocked and saddened to hear of Joe’s sudden death, his family is dedicated to continuing The Soda Works with the same professionalism, quality and values that were his mainstay. Our product and service is still our key to your success.