What Can I Soda Blast?

Are you faced with the challenge of cleaning or removing tough coatings, stains, paints, grime, and gunk from delicate surfaces? Look no further than soda blasting – a versatile solution that tackles surface contaminants with precision and care unlike any other.

What exactly is soda blasting? It's a method that harnesses the power of sodium bicarbonate (good old baking soda) to remove unwanted coatings and grime. Specialized soda blasting machines propel these tiny particles against the surface, where they burst upon impact, releasing energy that dislodges contaminants without causing significant damage to the underlying substrate.

The beauty of soda blasting lies in its non-abrasive nature, making it ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks across various materials. From delicate surfaces to tough coatings, soda blasting gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

Experience the gentle yet powerful cleaning action of soda blasting for yourself – it's the solution you've been searching for.

Curious about its applications? Take a look at the breakdown below for some practical uses of soda blast media:


Baking Soda Blasting does not produce heat like abrasive blasting; therefore it cannot heat up and distort sheet metal. It will not harm Glass, Chrome or Rubber products.

It effectively removes paint, body filler, undercoating, seam sealer and etc. without damaging the substrate. Sodablasting leaves a coating on the metal that will inhibit flash rusting. This coating will need to be pressure washed off before applying any coating.

Soda Blasting has been used in the Automotive Industry for stripping paint from automobiles. Normal stripping techniques require sanders and grinders to remove paint from the vehicle’s surface.
The job usually takes 2 days to completely prepare, strip, and clean using the traditional technique. The non-abrasive characteristics of soda blasting will allow a vehicle to be stripped in 3 hours or less.

Soda Blasting effectively removes the paint and does not damage the metal surface, glass, or plastic trim of the car.
Soda Blasting is the only safe way to strip fiberglass.

Watch this video to see how the process works!


Soda Blasting will remove anti-fouling bottom paint from boats without damaging the gel coat. It will also strip the out drives without damaging the aluminum and will not harm any water pump components should it get into the passage ways. Baking soda is water soluble.

See the before and after on boat hull.

Food Processing

Removes gross, dried food, etc., leaving a 99.9% bacteria-free surface without any damage to the finish of chrome-plated and stainless steel fixtures and polypropylene.

Fire / Smoke Remediation

Baking Soda Blasting is the preferred choice in removing smoke damage on wood, concrete, tiles, metal, etc. as it not only cleans these substrates back to either new or pre-fire condition, but absorbs the odor during the process.

Mold Remediation

Baking Soda Blasting actually kills mold spores and removes mold growth from virtually any substrate. As in smoke removal, the soda absorbs the odor during the process.

Metal Stripping

Strip aluminum, brass, steel, anodized coated metals, pot metal, cast iron, titanium, chrome plating, stainless steel, magnesium and etc. all without damage, distortion or changing the surface. Soda Blasting does not generate heat and will not warp metals. Disclaimer: Air pressure alone can sometimes distort thinner aluminum sheet metal, contact us for training and techniques.

Concrete Cleaning

Removes graffiti, paint, grease, striping, dirt and grime without damage to the surface.

Swimming Pools

Cleans tiles and concrete, removing dirt, grease, mold, grime, calcium deposits and etc. without damage.

Food Service Applications

Removes baked on grease, dried food and etc. leaving a 99.9% bacteria free surface without any damage to the finish of chrome plated and stainless steel fixtures and utensils.

Carbon Fiber Products

Soda Blasting removes paints and coatings without damage to the carbon fiber surfaces. See your local distributor for training and techniques.

Fiberglass Products

Soda Blasting will remove paint and coatings from fiberglass products. Will not harm gel coated surfaces and with proper instruction coatings can be removed from non gel coated fiberglass without damage. See your local distributor for training and proper removal techniques.

Asphalt and Tar Removal

Soda Blasting is used in asphalt plants for cleaning equipment, silos, tack trucks, tanker trucks and etc. without damaging the substrates. Also will remove tack overspray from concrete curbing without damage.

Industrial Applications

Soda Blasting will safely clean electric motors, pumps, conveyor belts, and numerous types of equipment of grease and coatings without damaging surfaces or harming bearing operation. Hydraulic shafts and seal areas can also be cleaned without damage.

Brick and Tile Cleaning

Soda Blasting will remove paint and coatings from brick and tile (including ceramic tile) surfaces usually without damage. Some brick needs to be tested to make sure that blasting is a good coating removal solution.

Graffiti Removal

Baking Soda Blasting will remove graffiti from most substrates normally, without any damage. Contact your local distributor for details on particular substrates.

And Much More...

Soda Blasting is gentle enough to strip just about any type of substrate without surface damage. If you have a project or substrate not listed, please contact us.