Purpose-built soda blasting systems engineered with quality American craftsmanship. Soda blast pots, compressors, and accessories that have been ruggedly designed for professional soda blasters — Better blasting, no matter the project.

Let The Numbers Do The Talking


Using our purpose-engineered soda blasting equipment coupled with our specialty blasting soda will improve project efficiency up to 40%


Due to our rugged mechanical design, most of our equipment can be field repaired in minutes meaning more uptime than any other soda blasting system


Our soda-specific metering system allows for a 20% reduction in soda used without impacting effectiveness. Less Waste, Less Mess = More Profit.

20 years of fine tuning our patented design for the best soda blasting performance available.

Less dust, less wasted media, more production, and more uptime than you ever thought possible.

Soda Changes the Game

Soda blasting has emerged as a cutting-edge technology in the realm of surface cleaning and paint stripping, offering a green and effective alternative to traditional methods.

What is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting involves the use of compressed air to propel bicarbonate of soda-based media, commonly known as baking soda, onto a surface to be cleaned or stripped. This technique bears similarity to sand blasting but is notably gentler on both the surface being treated and the environment.

Gentle, Yet Effective

Unlike harsh abrasives, soda blasting is remarkably gentle, ensuring the removal of coatings without causing harm to the underlying substrate. This makes it particularly suitable for delicate surfaces such as wood, metal, and even sensitive materials like fiberglass.

What Can You Do With Soda?

Ideal for a variety of applications including automotive, marine, food processing, fire/smoke remediation, mold removal, metal stripping, concrete cleaning, swimming pools, food service, carbon fiber, fiberglass, asphalt/tar removal, industrial equipment, and brick/tile cleaning.

Incredibly Versatile

One of the most remarkable aspects of soda blasting is its versatility. While it excels in the aforementioned applications, it can effectively remove virtually any coating from almost any surface, making it a highly adaptable solution for various cleaning and restoration projects.

Water Rinseability

Unlike other abrasive media that may require extensive
cleanup efforts, baking soda easily rinses away with water, leaving behind a clean surface without residue. It also is safe for waste water removal systems.

Odor Neutralization

In addition to its cleaning prowess, baking soda is adept at
neutralizing odors, making it an ideal choice for smoke and mold removal projects where eliminating unpleasant smells is crucial.