“The venturi combined with the metering system in the Buster Blaster soda blaster virtually eliminates downtime and delivers precise even flow”

Welcome to The Soda Works, Inc.

Soda blasting is the latest and greenest technology to safely strip paint and/or clean nearly any surface. The Soda Blasting equipment uses compressed air to deliver bicarbonate of soda-based media (baking soda) onto the surface to be cleaned. Similar in concept to sand blasting, Soda Blasting is much kinder and gentler to the underlying surface and the environment.

The process is gentle enough to remove the coating without harming the substrate. Soda blasting is most commonly used for fire remediation, mold removal, mild surface rust, coating and paint removal. However, virtually any coating can be removed from most any surface. Soda blast media is FDA approved, non-toxic, and contains no free silica: it is non-sparking, non-flammable, non-hazardous, and environmentally safe.

Some advantages of using baking soda over other abrasive Medias are: it's environmentally safe, easily rinses away with water, less abrasive and will not cause warping to metal surfaces; it also easily cleans stains/sealers from wood as well as neutralizing odors during the smoke and mold removing process.

The Soda Works is the industry leader in manufacturing soda blasting equipment. Our simple to use Soda pot with our patented Venturi metering system allows for a steady, even flow of soda every time.