Our Commitment to U.S.A. Made Products

Soda Works boasts a rich heritage of American-made surface preparation equipment. Our family-operated business has engineered and assembled high-quality products in the United States for nearly 20 years.

Proudly American-Made:

At Soda Works, our US-based fabrication facilities produce everything from blast pots to trailer-mounted mobile systems. We strive to incorporate American-made materials and components in our products to ensure the highest standards of quality. While not every single part can be sourced domestically, all proprietary and key components are made in the USA.

Commitment to Quality:

We design our products to be the most reliable and repairable in the industry, leveraging top-quality components from US manufacturers. This commitment ensures our customers receive durable and dependable equipment to thrive in any economic climate. Our customers rely on our tough, easy-to-repair machines to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Why Choose Soda Works?

  • American-made excellence: Engineered and assembled in the USA.
  • Reliable and repairable: Designed for maximum productivity using US components whenever possible.
  • Quality you can trust: Key components sourced from top US manufacturers.

Join the countless businesses that rely on Soda Works for surface preparation equipment and industrial blast media. Explore our products today and experience the Soda Works difference!