Equipment and Industry Training

We want to outfit you with the best equipment and soda media in the industry. Additionally, and in some ways its more important, we want to make sure you know how to SERVICE and OPERATE your equipment properly.

Once that has been accomplished, we can train you on specific substrates and projects until you are confident of your abilities. This is a big plus in a new business or venture, being able to show up on a job site with confidence and operating efficiently can often be noticed by your customers. This first impression can separate the professionals from fly by night operators just trying to make a dollar instead of building a business that will stand the test of time.

We offer hands on training at our Jefferson, GA (Atlanta Area) location and our Almont, Michigan (Detroit Area) location, and make available the opportunity for you to assist, observe and participate on any large projects that we may be working on. This training naturally has to be completed during our normal scheduled activities. You would be surprised at the knowledge that can be acquired just by being on a job site and participating in a normal days activities. You will learn or be made aware of the basic procedures such as, set up, safety, clean up and disposal requirements. Once you are on your own we can assist you in pricing, bidding jobs, area protection and more as needed.

We offer this training complimentary with any of our soda blasting equipment packages. We also offer this training directly by the hour for those who may want to learn more about soda blasting before taking the leap.

We have quite extensive experience in this industry. Also, we have expertise of our other distributors and equipment manufacturer that can assist with any problems or questions that may arise. Basically, once you purchase the equipment, complete your training and are out building your business you need to remember that you are not alone. We will be there to assist you, from answering the simplest question, supplying all of your blasting needs, to offering our company services to co-op a large job that may be to large for your start-up company to handle. Your success in the Soda blasting industry is very important to us and we will do everything within our ability to insure that you achieve it.