In today’s changing regulatory environment, much greater emphasis is being placed on the importance of proper sanitation and its increased role in food safety.

Sanitation systems that can be validated and verified are necessary for “effective” HACCP programs.

HACCP has made sanitation a critical “Prerequisite program.”

Detailed cleaning procedures must be developed for all food-contact surfaces of equipment and utensils.

Non-product portions of equipment, overhead structures, shields, walls, ceilings, refrigeration units, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, for safety also needs cleaning.

A Major Factor Affecting Sanitizer Effectiveness

It has been common knowledge among the scientific community that food contact surfaces need to be free of organic materials to be sanitized properly.

The presence of organic matter dramatically reduces the activity of sanitizers and may totally inactivate them.

The old adage "You can't sanitize a dirty surface" reemphasizes the importance of effective cleaning before sanitizing.