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    Natrium Blasting Soda 300 Sodium Bicarbonate


    Specially formulated pure food grade baking soda

    For specific applications such as remanufacturing purposes or the removal of the most challenging coatings where other soda media may have fallen short. Ideal for situations where the highest productivity and/or minimal dust are essential.

    Larger crystal size means faster coating removal and less dust.

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    The Natrium 300 Sodium Bicarbonate Blasting Soda Media is the perfect solution for an array of applications, particularly those requiring the removal of difficult coatings where other soda media may have fallen short. This grade is also ideal for any application where the highest productivity and least amount of dust is important.

    Renowned for its environmental friendliness, our sodium bicarbonate is a water-soluble material that excels at efficiently removing contaminants and coatings without causing harm to delicate substrates. With a relatively soft rating of 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, it serves as an ideal medium for a wide range of substrates, making it a reliable choice for surface treatment requirements.


    • Mesh: 45
    • Average Micron: 350
    • Flow Aid: None
    • Each Bag is 50lbs

    Soda Works / Natrium SDS Sheet

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    Natrium Blasting Soda 300 Sodium Bicarbonate


    The Right Stuff for the Job Makes All The Difference

    More Efficient. More Productive. You owe it to yourself to save more time and money.

    Real Time Soda Test

    Check out the video below to see real-time results compared to the "other guys" brand, commonly found in stores and at numerous distributors. This is just the beginning of the impact Soda Works can have on your business!

    If you're not using our specially designed soda blasting pot, you're probably wasting soda and spending extra time on your projects.

    Our specially designed baking soda blaster is up to 75% more efficient than a standard sandblasting pot. The Soda Works BB100 blasting pot, coupled with Natrium, represents the most efficient and productive soda blasting setup globally!

    Three Grades of Blasting Soda to Select From

    If one of the grades of Natrium soda is not the right fit for some reason, we can help with other grades as well. Due to the popularity of 260, we always have that in stock at all locations. But, keep in mind that it may be necessary to special order 150 and 300 due to the small quantities we stock at each location. This could mean lead times up to 10-20 days for delivery. Be sure to plan ahead!

    • Natrium 150
    • 100 Mesh / 150 Avg. Micron
    • Consistent Particle Size / No Additives
    • Perfect for removing coatings from delicate surfaces like decorative wood, thin deteriorating metal, and other surface preparation where minimal interaction with the substrate is necessary.
    • Learn More
    • Natrium 260
    • 50 Mesh / 300 Avg. Micron
    • Consistent Particle Size / No Additives
    • Ideal for fire remediation, mold removal, automotive, aerospace, turbines, pumps, tanks, valves, and remanufacturing applications. Especially effective for areas requiring simultaneous degreasing and coating removal, as well as for areas needing cleaning and odor control in a single process.
    • Learn More
    • Natrium 300
    • 45 Mesh / 350 Avg. Micron
    • Consistent Particle Size / No Additives
    • Suitable for certain remanufacturing tasks and for removing tough coatings where other soda media may have fallen short. Ideal for applications requiring maximum productivity or minimal dust generation.
    • Learn More


    Soda Works / Natrium SDS Sheet

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